Chickens, Breeds, and Coops

Chickens are fascinating creatures. Of course, there are various breeds of chickens that most people or farmers tend to handle. Either way, when it is time to put the feathery animals away, there are chicken coops in place to keep them safe. This is one universal truth regardless to the type of fowl you have. If you have ever been curious about the chicken, their world is definitely worth exploring.

In looking at the chicken itself, where did it come? What why are there so many different varieties of this fowl? In answering that question a chicken is a domestic bird. These fowls are not only widespread but very common in our the population of people. Their population alone totals over 20 billion. Chickens are primarily used as a food source. Whether it is eating the eggs, or the chicken itself, this bird provides a major source protein that people worldwide have come to benefit from. There are several origin sources as to where the chicken came from. East, South and Southeast Asia are some of the first known whereabouts as to how the fowl came to be. Other origins are Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and the Americas. In Eygpt, the chicken is known as the bird that gives birth on a daily basis. As you can see, the chicken has been around forever, contributing to a major food supply. When it comes to laying eggs, hens prefer the same location. Is it interesting because there could be eggs still in the nest and hens typically do not find that to be a problem?

Not only are chickens widespread but they even have different names. A hen refers to a female chicken that is over a year. Females under a year are pulleys. Cocks are male chickens that are over a year. Males younger than a year are cockerels. If a rooster is castrated, it is known as a capon. Now living in the very deep South, regardless of what sex the chicken might be, it will always be called a yardbird. Because chickens are omnivores, they tend to eat small insects and snakes, mice, lizards, and seeds. Their life expectancy is very short, at only five to 10 years. It could be shorter than that if they end up on a person’s dinner list.

How many chicken breeds are out there, you asked? Well, there are well over 50. Some of them are the best breeds of chickens to get eggs from. If you are looking for brown eggs, the Cinnamon Queen is one of the chicken breeds to go with. The Ancona comes from Italy and is considered the best breed of chickens. The reason is that the hens lay up to 220 white eggs annually. Andalusian cones from Spain and can lay up to and 165 white eggs a year. The Leghorn is a legendary chicken, that lays up to 30” eggs. As a matter of fact, this chicken is very popular. All of the white eggs you buy at your local grocer comes from this chicken breed.

It is important to have a place for the chickens to gather and be met out of harm’s way. Chicken coops provide that security. You can but sine fancy ones or make your own. Either way, you have to be able to harvest the eggs on a daily basis. So finding the right coop is important.

Yes, chickens are important to our everyday society. They play such a minor role in breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Because of this, the chicken will always definitely be in demand.

Aries the Ram

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Aries is the first of the zodiac signs and as such are sometimes referred to as the babies of the universe. However, any thinking person might not want to refer to Aries the Ram as such or they might get those legendary horns. People born under the zodiac sign of Aries the ram are fascinating so keep reading for some fun facts about them.

Anyone born between March 21st and April 20th is an Arian according to the zodiac. The animal associated with the zodiac sign Aries is the ram with its large horns. The ruling planet of zodiac sign Aries is Mars, named after the god of War. The color for Aries is red, a color associated with energy, mobility, aggressiveness and purity.

On the plus side, Arians are known to be independent, giving, optimistic, enthusiastic and courageous. However as anyone who’s ever dealt with a baby can tell you, it doesn’t take much to turn these positives into negatives.

On the negative side, Arians are known to be moody, short-tempered, self-involved, impulsive and impatient. Those born under the zodiac sign of Aries can appear to be a bit spoiled since they are not known for being aware of the feelings of others at times. Arians can also have a rather tenuous relationship with the truth, since if they think a lie will serve their purposes, they will tell it. However, they also are not the greatest liars so most of the time those being lied to know it.

The first personality trait Arians are known for is independence. They are known as enterprising people and have no problem leading the way in any venture. Their magnetic personality can cause other to follow them for the excitement they bring to their lives. The down side to this independence is a bone deep dislike of taking orders, especially ones they do not like or agree with. This dislike can be displayed by becoming childish or moody.

Arians can be good friends since they tend to take care of those around them with caring and protectiveness. People are attracted to their naturally optimistic personality. However, if confronted, Arians can react in a rather childish way including sulks and temper tantrums. A thwarted Arian is not a happy Arian and can become quite volatile.

In business, Arians are good starters but not so great finishers. They are very innovative and do not have a problem taking a risk but tend to get bored as the business moves from the excitement of the startup to the more mundane tasks of the day-to-day management of the business. Once the excitement is gone, Arians are usually ready to move on to their next adventure.

Beneath the strong independent personality, Arians can be insecure since they tend to be driven to succeed and will put a great deal of pressure on themselves to achieve their goals. This pressure can lead to self-doubt but their natural optimism and enthusiasm can hide this insecurity from others.

In some circles the zodiac sign Aries, is called the sign of self. This means they can be very self-orienented and will protect their inner selves from others. They tend to appear to be exciting, vibrant and talkative, while being deeply introspective. They also like to be the center of attention but this tends to work out, as they are naturally charismatic leaders.

Love and Relationships:
Anyone who has ever dated an Arian can tell you it is exciting compared to other zodiac signs. Arians tend to be hot-blooded and forceful, so anyone wanting to date one needs to be ready to bring their A game. Potential suitors need to be willing to meet their possible Arian love more than halfway while knowing when to lay back and let the natural leader Arian take the lead without losing their own personality.
The major reason for the demise of a relationship with an Arian is boredom. Arians need partners who can challenge them on all levels, including mental, emotional and physical and for those who fail to present such a challenge will find their Arian partners looking for a more exciting person.

However when an Arian has a partner she or he considered their equal, they can find happiness in a long-term relationship. Their partners tend to find happiness as well, since Arians want to share everything with their partner. They want to be their partner’s lover but their best friend and confidant as well. Arians tend to be faithful when in relationships that meet these needs.

Famous Arians:
Here are a few famous people born under Aries the Ram:
Carl Reiner – Comedian
Fred Rogers – Kid Show
William Hurt – Actor
Spike Lee – Director
Holly Hunter – Actress
Johann Sebastian Bach – Composer


Aquarius the Water Bearer

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Aquarius the Water Bearer: January 20 – February 18

  • Symbol: The Water Bearer
  • Element: Air
  • Planet: Uranus, Saturn
  • Color: Light Blue
  • Compatibility: Leo
  • House: 11th
  • Birthstone: Amethyst

Personality: Those born in Aquarius tend to have one of two personality types that are complete opposites in some ways but also have many similarities. The first type of Aquarius-born tend to be shyer and reserved while the second type is more outgoing and energetic. No matter which type they are they have a strong mind and get bored easily if they’re not being intellectually stimulated. Aquarius is one of the most successful of all the zodiac signs because of their cutting-edge attitudes and their ability to see both sides of an argument without prejudice. This allows them to take a step back and find the best way to solve any problem that comes their way. With these great personality traits those born to Aquarius the Water Bearer are destined to be the top of their fields and make a difference in this world.

Strengths: There are many strengths associated with this sign. They are forward thinkers that are always looking for the next best thing. Aquarians are also very independent which means that they don’t need the attention of others but also get along very well with the other signs, so their independence doesn’t hurt them.

Weaknesses: Though there are many positive traits of Aquarians there are also negative traits as with all the zodiac signs. They can be standoffish and unfeeling at times. This can lead to strain in a relationship sometimes but is easily overcome by making an effort to be more understanding and let their emotions show.

Symbol: The water Bearer. This symbol represents the philanthropic nature of the Aquarius-born and the water that washes away the past to make room for the future. It is a good symbol for how those born in this sign wish to erase the mistakes of the past and leave a more opportunistic future for those that come after.

Element: The element of Air is the most intellectual of all the elements. Those born to this element also have a need to be free to make their own choices and follow their own path. Just as air must be free to flow as it chooses so must those who are born to it.

Planet: The modern planet for this sign is Uranus. This planet symbolizes the freedom to follow our dreams and to be innovative. It is the opposite of the traditional planet of this sigh, Saturn. Where Saturn keeps us grounded and reminds us of our restrictions, Uranus pushes us to go beyond what we can see and towards progress.

Color: The color associated with this sign is light-blue. This color symbolizes truth, intelligence, loyalty, and confidence. It’s no mystery why this is the color to represent Aquarius-born as it matches so perfectly with their personality.

Compatibility: The strongest compatibility for Aquarius is Leo. Though both signs are strong and independent they are also opposites in all the right ways. Leos are the kings/queens of the zodiac signs. They tend to be very strong willed and need someone who can challenge them and inspire creativity to push them forward just as they will with the Water Bearer.

House This sign rules the 11th House. This house rules our relationships with friends and acquaintances. It also rules over ourselves and our true sense of being and purpose.

Birthstone The birthstone of the Water Bearer is amethyst. This stone represents relationships, courage, and healing. This is the perfect stone for this sign to help Aquarius-born with their weakness and to bring out the best in them.