• Intelligent Session Routing
  • Broadest Interoperability
  • Policy Management & Enforcement
  • Carrier-Class Performance & Reliability
  • Advanced Routing
  • IP Network Security
  • Next Generation Technology Based Routing Engine
  • Screen Shots
    IP Network Security
    vSwitch offers a stack of security layes through which surrounds the partitioned serv ice user to protect hum against a different Internet threats including flood attacks, DoS/DDos attacks, and SIP signaling attacks which can otherwise severely harm operations of the service provider and also possibly shut it down temporarily!! The security arrangements include intelligent access and admission control, private-to-public IP network address and port address translation (NAT and PAT) and NAT traversal, and topology hiding.
  • Access Control Firewall, including Signaling Control of Media Pinholes; Firewall/Hosted NAT traversal – with and without SIP ALG-enabled NAT device
  • Digit Matching/Manipulation
  • Topology Hiding, Rogue RTP Detection, Blacklisting, TLS
  • Session Admission Control
  • Denial of Service (DoS) and Distributed DoS Protection
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