• Intelligent Session Routing
  • Broadest Interoperability
  • Policy Management & Enforcement
  • Carrier-Class Performance & Reliability
  • Advanced Routing
  • IP Network Security
  • Next Generation Technology Based Routing Engine
  • Screen Shots
    Advanced Routing
    vSwitch includes the most comprehensive suite of intelligent call routing features including dynamic route hunting, adaptive routing, and least cost routing. This enables partitioned users to dynamically route traffic to interconnecting carriers on the basis of various parameters including call completion rates, route profit, and route availability. Such level of intelligence in routing minimizes complexities involved in configuring and managing routes, and allows for policy enforcement and advanced traffic-engineering at the session layer to ensure high service levels in switch partitioning. vSwitch platform manages and monitors VoIP traffic and maximizes utilization of high-value components of the network including application servers and media gateways.
  • Least Cost Routing / Lossless Least Cost Routing
  • Digit Matching/Manipulation
  • Called Number Translation; Calling Number Translation/Randomizations; Call Blocking; Call Loop Detection and Prevention
  • Call Route Hunting with Route Advances Determined by Static and Dynamic Parameters
  • Flexible policy to enable Hosted or Direct Media routing between endpoints behind the same NAT
  • Source and Destination Trunk Groups
  • 2 Million routes
  • ENUM interface
  • DNS SRV interface
  • Service Partitioning - Customer and Service Type
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