Chickens, Breeds, and Coops

Chickens are fascinating creatures. Of course, there are various breeds of chickens that most people or farmers tend to handle. Either way, when it is time to put the feathery animals away, there are chicken coops in place to keep them safe. This is one universal truth regardless to the type of fowl you have. If you have ever been curious about the chicken, their world is definitely worth exploring.

In looking at the chicken itself, where did it come? What why are there so many different varieties of this fowl? In answering that question a chicken is a domestic bird. These fowls are not only widespread but very common in our the population of people. Their population alone totals over 20 billion. Chickens are primarily used as a food source. Whether it is eating the eggs, or the chicken itself, this bird provides a major source protein that people worldwide have come to benefit from. There are several origin sources as to where the chicken came from. East, South and Southeast Asia are some of the first known whereabouts as to how the fowl came to be. Other origins are Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and the Americas. In Eygpt, the chicken is known as the bird that gives birth on a daily basis. As you can see, the chicken has been around forever, contributing to a major food supply. When it comes to laying eggs, hens prefer the same location. Is it interesting because there could be eggs still in the nest and hens typically do not find that to be a problem?

Not only are chickens widespread but they even have different names. A hen refers to a female chicken that is over a year. Females under a year are pulleys. Cocks are male chickens that are over a year. Males younger than a year are cockerels. If a rooster is castrated, it is known as a capon. Now living in the very deep South, regardless of what sex the chicken might be, it will always be called a yardbird. Because chickens are omnivores, they tend to eat small insects and snakes, mice, lizards, and seeds. Their life expectancy is very short, at only five to 10 years. It could be shorter than that if they end up on a person’s dinner list.

How many chicken breeds are out there, you asked? Well, there are well over 50. Some of them are the best breeds of chickens to get eggs from. If you are looking for brown eggs, the Cinnamon Queen is one of the chicken breeds to go with. The Ancona comes from Italy and is considered the best breed of chickens. The reason is that the hens lay up to 220 white eggs annually. Andalusian cones from Spain and can lay up to and 165 white eggs a year. The Leghorn is a legendary chicken, that lays up to 30” eggs. As a matter of fact, this chicken is very popular. All of the white eggs you buy at your local grocer comes from this chicken breed.

It is important to have a place for the chickens to gather and be met out of harm’s way. Chicken coops provide that security. You can but sine fancy ones or make your own. Either way, you have to be able to harvest the eggs on a daily basis. So finding the right coop is important.

Yes, chickens are important to our everyday society. They play such a minor role in breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Because of this, the chicken will always definitely be in demand.

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