• Intelligent Session Routing
  • Broadest Interoperability
  • Policy Management & Enforcement
  • Carrier-Class Performance & Reliability
  • Advanced Routing
  • IP Network Security
  • Next Generation Technology Based Routing Engine
  • Screen Shots
    Intelligent Session Routing
    vSwitch platform offers robust and highly programmable route selection that is capable of performing complex routing routines involving thousands of destinations, carriers and numerous route health statistics. The switch partitions perform dynamic route hunting for selecting best available route to ensure that calls connect with high ASR. The elaborate console of the switch partitions allows customers the flexibility to define routes based on myriad set of business rules thus ensuring that the system TRULY reflects and resolves the complexities of the carrier business world on the fly and with least amount of human intervention.
  • A robust and highly programmable route engine
  • Performs dynamic route hunting, to select best route available automatically
  • Trafficrouting done on the basis of highly configurable business rules
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