• Mediation & Rating
  • User Management
  • Customer Management
  • Region Management
  • Rate Management
  • Reports Management
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Dispute Management
  • Screen Shots

    User Management

    Centralized role based access is made possible through elaborate User Management Interface. This allows partition owners to create user accounts and assign privileges.

    Customer Management

    Allows complete customer account information management with the ability to define payment terms, deals, contact information, with the ability to activate or deactivate customers on the fly. This forms the building block for efficient customer relationship management.

    Region Management

    Centralized region / dial code management is the key to monetizing services accurately and in a timely manner. There are several predefined regions / codes that can be used by the partition users.

    CRM Application

    Customer Relationship Management gives details of customer transaction history, current balance, revenue and cost according etc. It also allows them to view Invoices, Rates Reports, ASR/ACD Report, Change Password etc.


    Partition users can view and generate invoices for their customers with ease. This module entails features such as Invoice Inbox, Multiple Billing Cycles, Prefix Based Invoices, Regions Based Invoices, Tracking Invoice No for Individual Customer and Overall Invoices, PDF View of Invoice and Automatic Invoice Email etc.

    Multilevel Invoice Authorization

    A Customer / Vendor can be invoiced after multiple levels of approvals to suite business process in the organization. This ensures that the account managers, the finance/ accounts personnel and senior management are aware of invoiced amount to avoid unforced errors.

    Rate Update

    Complex rates can be updated in the system with the help of a user friendly interface which allows selection of multiple regions, effective date of rate modification etc. Thereby rates can be applied on superset/subset, and for Multiple Customers/Vendors. It also allows for changes to be applied on bulk selection, and provides the ability to generate price/rate sheet for A-Z destinations and email these to customers.

    Rate Reporting

    The feature allows customers to send updates on rate modifications automatically informing the users in a timely manner about effective date of the revisions so as to reduce and even eliminate chances of dispute.

    Customer Rating

    Customer rates can be viewed, edited and modified conveniently allowing different rates to be applied for different customers.

    Transaction History

    An easy to use and extremely handy tool to view / manage transaction history and observe customer balances and credit line usage.

    Commission Handling

    It is important for the Billing Management System to handle commission agents separately and incorporate impact on the overall profitability. The commission rate needs to be hidden from other team members so as to ensure confidentiality. Commission agents can view their revenue through secure login.

    Strategy Reports

    The reports allow the management and decision makers to truly understand the trends of business performance and make appropriate actions needed. Usage, profit & loss or other patterns are drawn graphically giving different analyses on the basis of routes, carriers, customers etc.

    Balance Reports

    This helps wholesale operator to keep track of the balances of his customers and also ensure that the credit doesn’t go beyond certain allowed limits for postpaid customers. Complex net-off arrangements can also be tracked with the help of such reports which is important in bilateral agreements.

    CDR Reconciliation

    CDR Reconciliation helps to highlight source of discrepancy between interconnecting operators which saves enormous time, effort and avoids expensive law suits.

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